All In One

Avant garde advertising services with reasonable price to foster clients’ development. We provide a much more efficient business advertising and marketing strategy as we promise to provide a simple one-packet solution, which helps clients to target their audience, including Brand Visual Identity, such as Logo, Color Assortment, Font, Name Card, Website, etc., PR, Campaign Design, Advertising Production, such as Printed-outs, Video, Digitals, Online Business, etc..

Graphic Design

Our team of professionals is always ready to undertake any project, no matter how challenging. Communication of your brand values in today’s environment is important. We craft engaging multi-platform experiences.

Film Production

Honor Pandora Visual video production department provides professional advertisement design, making and editing of promotional videos, computer-generated imagery (aka Visual Effects), packaging of TV programs, product displaying CDs, producing promotional videos and logo animations etc. We will publish a good image for our clients with precise planning, seamless cooperation and high efficiency.

User Experience / Interface

An outstanding website brings in profit and positive feedbacks, it also increases knowledge towards cooperation and help facilitates consumer loyalty. Practical website increases efficiency brings in convenience for both clients and cooperation.

Design, structuring and promoting are three necessary stages for website development, however, promotion is always being ignored. Utilizing search engines like Google and social networks that consumers depending on nowadays, we grow the connection between clients and cooperation thus opening up more routes for selling.

Mobile Device App Development

Mobile devices and social networking are new members to media advertising. The efficiency of communication has been higher than traditional means already. It can be easily spotted among the teens’ consuming market with mobile device being the key route to successful advertising.

In market today, most cooperations have not realized the opportunities lied I mobile device advertising. In fact, the cost of advertising on mobile device is way lower than on traditional formats. Honor Pandora spreads the advertising message to the maximized level with routes that are not affected geographically.

Package / Industrial Design

Packaging and merchandise has been integrated with the combination of the dual nature of the commodity and art, it is a comprehensive reflection of consumer psychology, brand concept and product features. Packaging plays an extremely important role throughout the process of production, distribution, sales and consumption as a means to show the commodity value and use value. Honor Pandora perfects the decorative design packaging and the shape of the container structure for packaged goods, also spots out the product characteristics and advantages through the usage of subtle craft methods. It enhances consumers’ desire to purchase, thus builds up affinity and loyalty.